Resin Information

We use the brand “Amazing Clear Cast Expoxy Resin” for all of our resin products. This coating ensures that all of our products are sealed with a safe, eco-friendly coating that last for years, if treated correctly. It takes roughly 24 - 48 hour for resin to completely cure. This could take longer if resin hasn’t completely been mixed or set properly.

All of our resin products were made with love so please treat them with love. Exposure to certain harsh chemicals or environments may result in the damage of your jewelry color and composition. This includes perspiration, perfumes, cleaning agents, chlorine, saltwater, etc. Extreme temperatures and exposure to liquids could crack or break the seal of the resin coated, so please store them in a dry, room-temperature environment. Do not scrub or soak your resin products, gently spot clean with non-scented soap and water. Our resin products ARE NOT dishwasher safe!

Destiny is our only in-house craft-maker that coats resin products at this time. Please be considerate of the time and effort it takes to create each and every individual resin product. Products could take up to 2-5 weeks depending on her schedule and stock that’s readily available.