Dehydrated Fruit Collection

Each fruit product is carefully sliced, dried and preserved in a non-toxic, eco-friendly resin. Each one has its own size, shape and imperfection, so the pair you see pictured will not be the pair you receive but they will be very similar! That means that when you buy a pair of fruit jewelry, nobody else in the world will have one just like yours!

We recommend that customers remove jewelry before showers and bedtime. Exposure to certain harsh chemicals or environments may result in damage of your jewelry color and composition. This includes perspiration, perfumes, cleaning agents, chlorine, saltwater, etc. Extreme temperatures and exposure to harsh liquids could crack or break the seal of the resin coated on your fruit. Please store them in a dry, room-temperature environment. Do not scrub or soak your resin jewelry, gently spot clean with non-scented soap and water. Our resin products ARE NOT dishwasher safe!

They were made with love so please treat them with love. Fading or oxidation of the fruit over time is expected and very normal with the use of real fruits and veggies. Over exposure to the sun may also cause increased fading and/or oxidation of the fruit.

We provide a 2 year guarantee for our fruit collection (dehydrated fruit jewelry and products), which ensures any products in this collection can be upgraded or replaced if any signs or wear, tear and aging.

Destiny is our only in-house craft-maker that coats resin products at this time. Please be considerate of the time and effort it takes to create each and every individual resin product. Products could take up to 2-5 weeks depending on her schedule and stock that’s readily available.